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Executive & Board of Trustees

Members of the Executive & Board of Trustees are nominated annually and approved at the Annual General Meeting which takes place towards the end of each calendar year.

The list below is the current board for the period ending December 2016.



James Archibald President
Edmond Elbaz Executive Vice-President
Ralph Dadoun Vice President
Selman Khazzam Treasurer
Albert Herscovitch Secretary
Alfred Bilbul Parnass
Marc Hadid Member at large
Joseph Sasson Member at large
Yvonne Shashoua Member at large
Rose Simon Schwartz Member at large
Danielle Benchimol Mashaal Imm. Past President



Claudia Aintabi
Saul Belboul
Lily Bilbul
Robert Daoud
Jack Fattal
Michael Gabbay
Ruth Khazzam
Shawn Korin
Mariam Mintz
Alain Murad
José Navarro
Burt Saleh
Annalie Shahin
Marvin Shahin
Lisette Shashoua Ades
Charles Shemie
Khether Shemie
Cesar Perez Siliezar
Zion Totah
Marc Zilbert

Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue

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