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Rabbi Orenstein


Rabbi Schachar Orenstein, Rabbi of the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue of Montreal, was born in Israel and raised in Winnipeg. Rabbi Schachar graduated from McGill University, and from Yeshivat Mercaz Hatalmud as well as Yeshivat Noam Hatorah in Montreal. At the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, over and above his regular duties, he is involved in various youth-oriented programs, such as JECO (Jewish Eco Leadership Training), SPY (Spanish and Portuguese Youth), and The Women’s Learning Group. He has also co-founded Teva Quebec, Quebec’s first Jewish environmental organization.

Rabbi Schachar has a love of children and music and has recently completed an innovative Hebrew/French music album entitled Bonjour Mes Amis : Chansons Juives pour les Jeunes. A prime force in establishing the Snowdon eruv, he is a member of the Rabbinical Council of America, and serves as Vice-President of the Rabbinical Council of Canada.

Rabbi Orenstein’s Website:

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